About Us

Royal Therapy

We are experts in quality sleep; control what you can and leave the rest to us. No matter what your worries or special sleep needs are, our premium products will address your needs so you don’t need to spend another moment worrying about things you can’t control. 

Our brand is the marriage of luxury and functionality. Such an evolution in premium bedding is why our unique range of products will bring you not only the sense of exclusivity that you deserve but give the specific health benefits that you seek. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve and rest royal tonight with Royal Therapy.

Our Mission

In the past, consumers have always had to make a choice between design or functionality: choosing between a beautiful sleek design that was in line with your home decor or dull functional product.  Our mission is to combine elegance with function because luxurious products shouldn’t fall short of your needs. Royal Therapy is the solution you have been seeking for. We have everything from mattresses, to weighted blankets to memory foam pillows to enhance your sleep and give you a truly Royal experience. 

Meet the Founders 

A union of luxury and functionality all begins with a vision; meet Sergiy and Mariia, the founders of Royal Therapy.


Their love story began in Ukraine several years ago when Mariia 27 met Sergiy then 40, and quickly found they shared a passion for health and both dreamt of a life beyond Ukraine living a life of royalty & high fashion. 


Mariia, having an extensive background in the elite skincare and perfume industry, had an eye for design.  Sergiy, having already proved his business sense and ability; had the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication that all great companies are founded on. Together they nurtured their curiosity and embarked on a journey to Miami in 2012 to seek new opportunities. 


Before long, Mariia was invited to join as an executive in the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue and there she began to work with some of the most luxurious brands in the world. 


While in Miami, Sergiy was looking for smart investment opportunities and he reminisced of a very difficult time in his life when he was living in Ukraine and injured his spine. Sergiy had ruptured an intervertebral disk resulting in extreme pressure and pain in his spine. 


Despite the prognosis at that time, Sergiy overcame the challenge and recovered through his own commitment and perseverance. He made health and recovery his priority. Sergiy refused to allow himself to become inactive or give up.


After extensive research and studying the structure of the spine and anatomy of the body Sergiy began to formulate a plan based on extensive research and proven methods. Combined with physical therapy and perseverance Serigy was able to overcome the severe pain and only after 12 months was running and in optimal health.


This experience and research together with Mariia’s passion for design and their combined hard work led them to create a premium bedding brand. Aimed to give those suffering from health problems restorative sleep to enhance their recovery and general wellbeing.


Mariia felt that such a product would not be complete without a touch of luxury. She focused on giving the world a royal experience every time they set their head on their pillow. Snuggled into their comfy duvet or laid down on their premium crafted mattress.


Mariia felt pain, worries, and stress should simply melt away when you settle yourself down for a night’s rest. Her passion for design and eye for high fashion came as the perfect combination for drawing inspiration and being able to create an exclusive premium bedding collection. The Royal Therapy brand was born.


Now Sergiy and Mariia want the brand to help people reach their highest quality sleep and wake up feeling like royalty. 

It is truly a Royal Experience!

When you breakdown the benefits and design of the innovative luxurious features of a Royal Therapy product, you quickly begin to see why this brand is the reason for so many sweet dreams around the world.


The products are not only made to be beautiful designs; bringing an elegant ambiance to any room but they are durable and functional.


All of the products at Royal Therapy are aimed to address specific sleep issues that you may face so that you can experience a deeply calming effect and good nights’ rest.


At Royal Therapy, we believe our products are the perfect combination to address all your needs. Our premium bedding is made from materials that are both safe and non-toxic. In addition, we ensure that our products have heat-dissipating technology that eliminates thermal build-up while you sleep, to keep your body in comfort throughout the night.


We want our customers to invest not only in their health and wellbeing but to invest in a brand that cares about the durability, the effectiveness, the feel, and the look of their products.  We are confident we are that Brand.