Adjustable bases and Foundations

One of the things people talk about when it comes to improving the look and functionality of your house is your bed. After all, this is a place where you spend more than a third of your life, it has to be comfortable and efficient. Assuming your mattress is high quality, adjustable base beds are the next piece of the puzzle. An adjustable base for beds is not just for people who are shorter or taller than the average population, its benefits and functionality go beyond just size difference. 

The benefits of adjustable bases and foundations: 

There are many reasons why you should choose adjustable bases over regular ones. First and foremost, it helps you change your sleep angle and therefore alter how you feel during sleep. Most people like to have a pillow between their legs to get some back comfort. But this is just a consequence of having too much pressure on your back. Lifting the top part of your bed will allow you to remove tension on your back and even get you to feel better when you wake up. This is only one reason on a long list, so here are other benefits to adjustable base mattresses

  • Better breathing
  • Change your sleep position however you like
  • No more heartburn
  • Better circulation
  • Less back pain

How to pick a good adjustable mattress base: 

While you can certainly go for best sellers on Amazon, you should think more about other options you have. A lot of people underestimate the power of sleep and they also underestimate how important it is to have good mattresses and equipment. Adjustable bases for queen size as well as adjustable king base are the top pick and most common sizes people go for which is why we perfected that adjustable base. But not all bases are created equal which means you need to look for quality materials. Thankfully, we have top of the line mattress elevation and adjustability. The materials used and the design are among the best on the market right now. These materials do not change with time and their quality does not deteriorate at all. 

Adjustable bases in Royal Therapy: 

Here at Royal Therapy, we appreciate quality over anything else. You will just doze off effortlessly in our mattress and using our adjustable bases will help you do just that. The feel and the functionality of the base are top-notch, but our design is even better. With the letter R that signifies our royal treatment, you will have an adjustable base like no other. The attention to detail we give for design and craftsmanship is something we’re known for in the industry. 

What you will get: 

You will get our premium line of adjustable bases for king adjustable base or any size for that matter. In addition to that, you get a 5-year guarantee with every purchase you make. You can also get to enjoy our 100 free nights to try out Royal Therapy adjustable base. But we’re still confident and sure that you will fall head over heels over this one. This includes our adjustable queen size base, twin size adjustable base, adjustable base twin xl and so many more options to choose from.

This works for any kind of mattress such as for memory foam adjustable base. The power of an adjustable base can be felt immediately. This piece is most likely the trigger to getting the sleep you have been waiting for in a long time. Buy now and you will be selected to get the best adjustable base and we can even recommend you other products that will help you sleep even better.