Royal Therapy Pregnancy Pillows For Comfortable Night-Long Sleep When You’re Expecting

Royal Therapy Pregnancy Pillows For Comfortable Night-Long Sleep When You’re Expecting

While expecting, you need a lot of energy and a good night’s sleep to recharge your body for the next day. With a baby growing inside, it becomes impossible to enjoy a restful sleep without appropriate sleep gear. Apart from loose maternity clothing, you should invest in a pillow pregnancy

A pillow pregnancy for sleeping is ideal during second or third trimester for supporting growing belly size. Finding the right posture or position to sleep through the night becomes more comfortable with a pillow in pregnancy. So, let’s find out more about body pillows for pregnancy. 

Why You Need a Body Pillow in Pregnancy?

A body pillow in pregnancy will make it easier to achieve best sleep position. Due to constantly growing belly size, pregnant women have excessively limited sleep position options. Whether you are a back or stomach sleeper, during pregnancy, you’ll need to sleep sideways. 

For obvious reasons, stomach sleeping is not possible; whereas back sleeping isn’t suggested as it compresses a vital vein that transmits blood to the baby. Specially designed body pregnancy pillows allow women to achieve most relaxing posture to rest without any discomfort. Therefore, it is crucial to buy pillow pregnancy for sleeping peacefully. 

Which Pregnancy Pillow is the Best?

Choosing the best body pillows for pregnancy could be an issue if you aren’t sure what to look for. Certain factors should be considered before selecting a pillow for pregnancy women, including:

Pillow Pregnancy Size:

Best pillow pregnancy size depends upon your requirements or preferences. Several different pregnancy pillows are available, such as a pillow wedge pregnancy isn’t much bigger than a standard pillow, and perfect if you don’t want something too flashy or huge. A pregnancy U shape pillow offer full-body coverage from front and backside. C shape pregnancy pillow isn’t as big as a U shaped pregnancy pillow, but ensures similar support to belly and back areas. 

Sleep Pillow Pregnancy Shape:

Body pillows for pregnancy shape also depend on expecting mother’s priorities. You may order pregnancy sleep pillows in curved shape that tucks under your head and between the knees or get parallel running body pillow pregnancy, both are great options. Some pregnancy body pillows feature a dip for cradling baby bump. It is essential to identify body area where you experience most discomfort, and if you toss a lot, buy U-shaped body pregnancy pillow.

Why Buy Royal Therapy Pregnancy Pillows?

Royal Therapy offers top quality, and best pillows for pregnancy to ensure a good night’s sleep during and after pregnancy. Our well-designed, affordable body pregnancy pillows range offer superior health benefits no matter what position you prefer to sleep. Check out some key aspects that make our products best pregnancy body pillows in the market. 

Soft Filling with Breathable Cover:

Royal Therapy body pregnancy pillows are made with super-soft, breathable material to keep you cool and comfortable. Our pregnancy pillows contain highest quality polyfill, encased in 100% pure soft Pima cotton cover, allowing air to circulate easily, so you enjoy maximum comfort.

Unique Designing:

Our body pregnancy pillows are available in wide range of designs from C-shape and U-shape to Wedge. We design pregnancy pillow as per the expecting mother’s body shape. Our pillows are sizeable enough to support your head, neck, hips, legs, back, and belly appropriately. You can easily stretch out as every pregnancy pillow offers optimal support from both sides. Royal Therapy pregnancy sleep pillows feature excellent craftsmanship, containing our company logo R embroidered on the top. Amazing stitching quality makes these pillows machine washable and durable.

Maximum Body Support:

Royal Therapy designs the best pregnancy pillows that guarantee total body support in all trimesters and post-pregnancy nursing. Moreover, our sleeping pillows for pregnancy aren’t only suitable for pregnant ladies, but people experiencing gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, congestion, or carpal tunnel syndrome can also benefit. These are ideal sleep pregnancy pillows to support full-body.

Multi-Purpose Pillow in Pregnancy:

Our sleep pillow pregnancy can create a relaxing position not just when sleeping, but while nursing, reading, or watching TV, apart from offering better, painless sleep. 

Royal Therapy Sleeping Pillows Pregnancy Range

Royal Therapy C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow:

Our pregnancy pillow C shape wraps around your body to support upper and lower body, which helps in relieving knee and hip pain. C shaped pregnancy pillow best use is for those looking for full back coverage. It’s a versatile 2.5 feet wide, 57” long pillow that keeps you safely wrapped even when in seating position for breastfeeding, or reading, etc. Despite that this pillow pregnancy for sleeping isn’t symmetrical you may sleep with back facing either open or closed side, without needing to reposition it whenever you turn over.

Royal Therapy U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow:

Buy u shaped pillow for pregnancy if you want to enjoy full night’s sleep without any discomfort. Our U shaped pregnancy pillow offers incredible support to entire belly area. It’s an excellent U shape pillow pregnancy as it provides adequate all-around support. Its symmetrical design eliminates the need to reposition when switching sides, whether you are lounging or sleeping.  This pillow weighs around 7 pounds, and is about 55” long, while it is washer/dryer safe, and easy to clean.

Royal Therapy Wedge Pregnancy Pillow:

Sleeping with pregnancy pillow that doesn’t take up much space yet provides maximum comfort for a relaxed slumber is every expecting mom’s dream. Order wedge pillows for pregnancy if you want optimal supportiveness but in minimal space consumption. Our Wedge pillows pregnancy design is such that you may use it wherever support is required from bump to back or between the legs. It’s a compact (only one foot), and lightweight (less than one pound) sleep pregnancy pillow that’s easier to carry along when traveling.

Buy Top Quality Calming Weighted Blankets from Royal Therapy

Buy Top Quality Calming Weighted Blankets from Royal Therapy

Buy Blankets Weighted to Hug you Back to Sleep:

Royal Therapy offers a revolutionary new way to rest peacefully and alleviate issues like stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness simply by wrapping yourself around our 100% cotton luxury weighted blankets with eco-friendly glass beads. 

Imagine the level of comfort, coziness, and relaxation you will feel in a blanket designed especially to fit your body instead of the bed. That’s how our weighted blanket works. 

At Royal Therapy, a vast range of sizes, colors, and weights for weighted blankets is available to meet your needs. Such as you can buy weighted king size blanket, queen size weight blanket, and weighted toddler blanket. 

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weight blankets are just like any other throw-sized blankets but instead of fiber, these are filled with weighted materials like glass beads. Their weighted filling offers your body the right amount of physical pressure to help you sleep quickly. 

Why Royal Therapy Weight Blankets are the Best?

  • Our premium-grade luxury weighted blankets are the best fit for the entire family. From kids to adults everyone can enjoy a safe and sound sleep experience with these calming weighted blankets. 
  • We have created an extensive range of weighted blankets for adults and kids offering the perfect contact and pressure your body needs to fall asleep. 
  • With the unique 7-layer design, Royal Therapy weighted blankets meet all your health and wellness needs.
  • These are lightweight weight blankets created with high-density, eco-friendly glass beads distributed evenly in tiny diamond-shaped compartments, covered in an extra layer of cotton fabric to regulate body temperature.
  • Our weighted blanket with glass beads adapts to your body needs and creates an ideal environment for you to sleep. 
  • These quickly transform into a weighted cooling blanket and warming blanket depending upon the weather conditions. 
  • You can buy weight blankets in varying sizes from 5 LBS to 30 LBS and choose between 12 different colors.
  • Our weighted blankets are one-of-a-kind because of their innovative design featuring loops around the edges, weighted insert with loops to ensure the blanket stays in its place, and layered design to allow maximum comfort.
  • The elegantly printed brand logo ‘R’ gives a luxurious feel.
  • We’ve used advanced stitching techniques to enhance the product’s durability and lifespan.
  • Each weighted blanket comes with a 5-year warranty and an exclusive 100-night free trial offer. So, if you are not satisfied, return the product within 100 days and get your money back


Royal Therapy Weighted Blankets Review;

Royal Therapy weighted blankets aren’t just body throws but premium-quality gifts for your body that create the same impact as a parent’s hug or cradle would do. 

Filled with high-density, lightweight glass beads, these are tranquility blankets designed especially to relieve stress and pain and allow peaceful sleep. Weighted blankets are odor-free, long-lasting, easy to wash, non-toxic, hygienically prepared, food-grade, and pet and kids-friendly products. 

To ensure optimal temperature regulation, our luxury weighted blankets contain 7-layers each containing breathable, lightweight, thin, and durable cotton fabric filled evenly with eco-friendly glass beads. These blankets quickly adapt to your body needs by offering warming and cooling effect.

These blankets stay around 10% of your body and are smaller than your bed size, so, you enjoy all stages of sleep without tossing or turning. Order weighted blankets today as these don’t slide off the bed and stay draped around the body, which makes them ideal to keep kids and elderly comfortably snuggled when it’s cold outside. 

Top Weighted Blanket Benefits:

Improved Sleep Quality:

Created according to the principles of Deep Pressure Stimulation/Deep Touch Pressure weighted cooling blanket can improve the quality of sleep. These blankets are ideal for adults, elderly, and kids alike as their deep pressure boosts melatonin and serotonin levels that help your body feel relaxed and secure throughout the night.

Stress Relief:

Do you know that you can use weighted blankets for anxiety treatment? Stress is a reality, and it can affect anyone. If you want to get rid of the negative effects of stress on your emotional, mental, and physical health, buy weighted blankets from Royal Therapy. Their deep touch pressure relieves stress, anxiety, and discomfort and you sleep soundly.

Easing Restless Leg Syndrome

The tingling or creeping sensations in your leg could be because of restless leg syndrome. The symptoms often worsen while sleeping and can cause sleep disorders like insomnia. Research suggests that weighted blankets can help to alleviate the problem by providing ideal weight on the legs and prevent them from moving.

Click here to buy weighted blankets in your desired size and innovative colors at most affordable rates from Royal Therapy.



Do you know that the quality of your bed and pillow affects the quality of your sleep? Well, now, you know. A lousy pillow can actually deprive the sound sleep that will restore your lost energy. 

If you are craving for a pillow that allows you to enjoy your night rest or a pillow that does not give people a backache when they try to enjoy their best sleeping positions, what you are looking for is a shredded memory pillow foam. A bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam is an adjustable, comfortable, and stretchable pillow that delivers optimum support for your sleep because it supports spinal alignment. We want you to read to the end of the article to fully understand the benefits of the pillow.

Benefits of a Shredded Memory foam pillow

  • The bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam is filled with high-quality memory foam, which is CertiPUR-US certified.
  • The pillow cover fabric is made from bamboo, which makes it completely safe and odour-free. The good thing about the pillow cover is that it is machine washable and dryable. It also meets the OEKO-TEX Standard.
  • The customizable filling makes it a good fit for any sleep type because it can adjust the foam size in the bamboo odor-free shredded memory foam pillows. The filling is a proprietary mix of hypo-allergic foam that adjusts fits needs.
  • Royal Therapy offers up to a five-year warranty if you buy the shredded memory foam bamboo pillow, which shows our optimum care for customers’ satisfaction.
  •  There is up to a 100-night free trial before deciding to buy a customizable embedded memory pillow, after the trial period you can choose to return the pillow if you’re not satisfied with the sleeping quality.
  • Also, one of the best things you enjoy when you buy an odor-free bamboo shredded memory pillow in America is that it enhances sleep because it is said that the spinal alignment also aligns with the airways better allowing easier breathing at night. 

Features of Shredded Memory pillow foam

  • After highlighting the benefits of the embedded memory pillow foam, we would like to draw your attention to the brand’s carefully designed and elegant logo “R” on the pillowcase, which stands for Royal Therapy, and gives a luxurious feeling. The pillow is available in two different standard sizes queen and king size, depending on the size of the bed.
  • As mentioned earlier, the embedded memory foam inside the pillow can be adjusted to fit any weight and sleeping types. People can reduce the shredded foam inside the pillow sold in the USA, or compact it by using a hand to adjust the size of the pillow to suit needs. The removable cover is woven with soft, breathable, cool flow material.
  • We would advise making available a container to put in the excess foam from the pillow because it can be messy if not correctly placed in a container, that’s the best way to clean a shredded memory foam pillow.
  • The Shredded pillow is durable and aesthetic, which makes it suitable for all weight and size unlike the conventional pillow, which goes flat when an overweight individual sleeps on it. This feature makes it economical and good for all households.

Check Shredded odour-free memory pillow foam reviews at the review section to view what previous customers have to say about this fantastic product.

If you are convinced about these products’ amazing benefits and want to experience high-quality sleep, where you wake up without feeling any pain from any part of your body, you can check the product page to buy and try our embedded memory pillow for yourself.

How memory foam will take your sleep to the next level

How memory foam will take your sleep to the next level

Memory foam mattresses should be the very first thing to look for when trying to improve your sleep. Firm mattresses are something people both enjoy and dislike, on the one hand, the firmness of the mattress makes it supportive, but it’s also not very soft to sleep on. This is especially true if you want a mattress for sale, you’ll either find one that’s too soft or too hard. From all these problems, memory foam mattresses were born to solve all your sleep problems.

Memory foam mattresses will actually put you in the best possible position to sleep better. They will provide more comfort, stability and so much more. The only problem is that because so many companies realize that memory foam mattresses are on-demand, they cut corners and make disasters. Here, you will know the benefits of memory foam mattress, how to choose one, and what mattress to choose. 


 The benefits of the memory foam mattresses:

Memory foam mattresses may look just like any other mattress on the outside, but the engineering that goes into making it is incredible. There are many layers inside memory foam mattress that help you feel that soft but stable surface, but beneath is also an internal cooling system along with the foam itself. 

In plain and easy terms, the benefits of memory foam mattresses are: 

  • Better air circulation
  • Self-adjusting foam regardless of time under tension
  • Back pain and pressure relief
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Self-cooling

All of these benefits still don’t do the mattress foam justice because you can even swap out the parts for better ait circulation. Every mattress will hold to some extent air, and therefore dust with it. With the ones our brand sells on the website, the mattresses actually help circulate air better so that you don’t get any dust allergies.

What sets Royal Therapy memory foam mattresses apart from others: 

Our team at Royal Therapy are proud of our extremely high-quality memory foam which we use in our mattresses and we care about the satisfaction of the customer more than we care about a mattress sale. This is none other than the ones you see advertised on sale because our manufacturers only make the best mattresses. The memory foam is really where it’s at and that’s why we have quality mattresses on sale. So, we make sure that we get the premium version of the products made to our customers. You will feel a lot lighter and better after sleeping in our Royal Therapy products. Back pain is often caused by tractions and pressure at the back and the old mattresses only make this problem worse. The mattresses we sell will help your back unlock and you will feel it on the very first night. 

What you’re getting: 

One thing we’re also proud of is the design and craftsmanship of our brand. We pay so much attention to detail which is why our mattresses have that distinct sleek elegant logo of the letter R. Signifying the Royal Therapy we stand for. This is not something you will find by googling mattress store near me. The design of our mattresses is so good that putting cover on the mattress feels bad because it looks so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We also make the memory foam mattress at every size you wish to fit your foundation. 

We’re so confident and certain you will love this memory foam mattress that all our customers get a 5-year warranty that comes with every purchase. Not only that, but you also get to enjoy an exclusive 100-night free trial in this mattress onsale. You can fully experience luxury and test for yourself if you like the product. You can have 100 free nights of testing and we’re sure you’ll sign-in on the first day.      

We have mattresses on sale all the time, but what we really care about and what we want is for our clients to have a positive experience through their sleep. This is more than just a memory foam mattress, this is a revolution of the way you like, sleep, and live. 



Choosing furniture for our bedroom is undoubtedly quite important decision because our bedroom is our hideaway and sanctuary. This means that everything inside bedroom should be comfortable, beautiful & beneficial for us. Most important thing is selection of our bed and mattress that goes on its top.

We must consider all our needs, our family requirements, most importantly price of the mattress. When looking for quality bed, one should prepare very well in order to pay little more money. It cannot be easy to select a good type of mattress that actually works fine.

Memory foam is quite common type mattress that many people use; however, number of times, customer doesn’t fully understand its advantages. Though, one will keep Royal Therapy mattresses for quite long time, therefore, one must consider these advantages.


Benefits of memory foam mattresses

Some individuals insist that these types of mattresses are actual reason for their good night sleep. One cannot measure easily because sleep is very subjective & varies from person to person. Major benefits of keeping memory foam mattresses are as follows:

  • Pain relief

A very good feature of memory foam is that it helps relieving pain on your pressure spots. For anyone who suffers arthritis or joint pain, these beds provide big relief. It cushions us and reduces any impact that one might counter otherwise.

Older beds mostly use only pillow top or some soft top layer which begin to wear out over time. While memory foam mattress eliminates all that, this is good news who suffers from things like back pain. 


  • Using our body heat

Another great use of solid memory foam is using heat & body pressure for formation of exact shape. Our body heat does soften the memory foam, which makes it more viscous. This allows us to sink in, which essentially creates mold of our body. Our sleep also gets comfortable and is good when supporting the alignment of our body.


  • Very good for the ones with allergies

Memory foam can be hypoallergenic, while having very dense structure, which is good for reducing the number of allergens that might build up. Even dust, mold, & other allergens will not be able to find way into your mattress. This could be very helpful for individuals with allergies, as quite often, they pay high cost but still get prevented from a good night’s sleep.

Why choose Royal Therapy brand mattresses?

  • Extremely high-quality memory foam

Thanking multiple layers of memory foam & excellent price point, Royal Therapy takes best value among top memory foam mattresses. High-quality memory foam is among the materials that drive performance of Royal Therapy mattress.


  • Great design and craftsmanship

One will see highest quality materials & skilled craftsmanship in our mattresses for sale, designed for maximum support. The cover material, comfort layers, & support core offer refreshing new take on memory foam with super elegant design, a trailblazer in mattress world. Our mattress has embroidered elegant logo containing royal letter “R” that represents our Royal Therapy brand.


  • Various sizes

Apart from texture & feel, another important aspect of good mattress is size. Getting right size mattress is very crucial determinant. At Royal Therapy, we have mattresses of various sizes & dimensions. Considering factors like the size of one’s bed; therefore, when one gives order, he/she will choose among King, Queen, XL, or any of our available standard sizes.


  • Sleep trial and warranty

We offer 100 night sleep trial that allows our customers to return our product provided they are unhappy with our mattress’s sleeping quality. We also offer 5 years “Royal Therapy” warranty with all our mattresses.