Can a Weighted Blanket be too Heavy?

You have bought state-of-the-art mattress, high-end pillow, temperature-regulating bed sheets, but, still, keep tossing & turning in your bed. Ever wondered why?

Because of ignoring an important element…. a blanket! 

Ever thought of switching to weighted blanket for a change? 

Worried because it will have weights inside? 

Read on to find out if weight blankets can be too heavy or not.

Science Behind Weighted Blankets:

Blankets with weights have emerged as an innovative new solution for addressing your sleep time woes. These specially manufactured blankets contain either micro glass beads or tiny plastic pellets as their filling for creating their weighted impact. Based on scientifically proven Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) concept, this system relies on creating pressure on human body we that we enter a state of calmness. 

DPS is a widely recognized therapy through which body transitions between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. A weighted blanket weight does exactly same thing as DPS does. This technique is used in many world-famous massage tools too. When there is enough pressure on our body, stressed out muscles get relaxed so we feel calm and this promotes uninterrupted sleep.

From a psychological perspective, weighted blanket target sympathetic nervous system and tune our brain to switch from fight or flight response state to relaxed state, which activates parasympathetic nervous system. When our brain is calm it releases sleep-inducing neurotransmitters like serotonin/dopamine. Hence, our sleep cycle improves considerably.

Weighted blanket what weight is Suitable for you? 

If you have never used it before, it is natural to feel confused about suitable weight for weighted blankets. But, never match blanket’s weight against the dumbbells you lift when working out. Holding a 10lb dumbbell in your hand is entirely different from wrapping yourself or even holding a 20 lb weighted blanket.

Just remember one rule when buying weighted blankets- never go overboard while selecting blanket weight. If blanket is too heavy, you will feel trapped, however, with appropriate weight you will get similar feeling as being hugged or cuddled. It is better that you determine weight of weight blankets after checking your overall body weight. Ideally, a blanket should be 10% of your body weight. 

Royal Therapy weighted blankets are an ideal choice for all types of sleepers because of their many unique features. These are made using an innovative 7-layer design where non-toxic, eco-friendly glass beads are filled between polyfill padding in hundreds of small, square-shaped pockets. 

For preventing beads leakage and full comfort Royal Therapy blankets are sewn with an ultra-soft exterior cover made with100% pure, hypoallergenic, breathable cotton fabric. With weight options ranging between 5lb – 30lb weighted blankets, these exert just the right amount of pressure on sleeper’s body so as to ensure restful sleep.

How to Choose Best Weighted Blanket?

For enjoying weighted blanket benefits, select a brand offering wide range of blankets weight. Apart from weight variations, do consider filling contained inside as well as exterior cover material, check out quality of stitching plus brand’s reputation. Before you decide to order weight blankets, do check out weighted blanket reviews of your chosen brand as well.

Another thing you should keep in mind is regarding blanket filling. Instead of plastic pallets opt for glass beads filling as these remain lightweight despite being of higher density than plastic. Hence, comfort quotient is never compromised when a blanket contains glass beads filling. 

If you need to buy weight blankets for multiple people, look for different sizes such as twin/king/queen size weighted blanket; don’t settle for any regular sized weight blanket because it won’t suit everyone. Royal Therapy weighted blankets not only come in 12 different color choices but contain high-density, eco-friendly, pet/kid friendly, odorless, non-toxic, durable glass beads’ filling. You can choose one that fits your family’s specific needs as choices are endless at Royal Therapy. 

Can Weight Blanket be too Heavy?

You may mistakenly choose wrong weight when ordering weight blankets and end up getting heavier blanket. If it is too heavy, you won’t fall asleep easily, while with an ideal weight you’ll sleep comfortably. Research suggests that around 30 pounds of blankets weight is safe for an adult’s body. So, buy weighted blanket that’s not too heavy but as per your body weight. Royal Therapy offers exceptional variety in weight blankets, so, it becomes easier to buy blanket weights in different sizes/weights.

Royal Therapy is offering widest range of weights for blankets starting from 5lb – 30 lb weighted blanket, which is phenomenal. You can buy 5lb-7lb weighted blankets for toddlers whereas 15lb- 30lb is weight range for adults. The maximum weight an adult’s body can comfortably support is 30 lbs. 

Don’t assume that a heavier blanket is better; with 20 lb weighted blanket you will feel sufficient amount of pressure while anything above 30lb mark will not provide similar level of comfort. 

Typically, blanket weight anywhere from 7-12% of our body weight is perfect. That’s how you should choose blanket weight. Follow same rule for everyone including kids. Heavier blankets restrict sleeper’s movement as well as blood flow whereas right blanket weight helps in sleeping soundly without waking up repeatedly. 

Weighted Blanket for Anxiety Treatment:

After a hard day at work, we all need to feel pampered, cared for, and relaxed. Weighted blankets for anxiety are an ideal option especially for working adults who constantly get exposed to work-life pressures. 

Let’s admit that stress & anxiety are part of our everyday life; research suggests that more than the mattress or bed sheet, it is our blanket that can help us sleep peacefully. It is a proven fact that good night’s sleep directly impacts our health. We must never forget this ever.

Royal Therapy weighted blankets with high-density glass beads offer ideal weight according to your body size/weight while never slip or slide off from your body. These are specially designed weight blankets engineered to remain exactly around 10% of total body weight, hence, sleepers can benefit from all the healing benefits of deep pressure therapy along with sleep soundly every night. 

Royal Therapy creates weighted cooling blankets doesn’t get too hot during summers whereas during winters these convert in warm comforters. This is an exceptional quality because it makes them suitable for all weather conditions. Check out Royal Therapy weighted blankets reviews for finding out why these are your best bet.


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