Does Memory Foam Pillow Help Neck Pain?

Nothing is more annoying than having a stressful day followed by a night full of cramps, pains, tosses and turns. The culprit is often the pillow we have chosen to sleep on. If the pillow doesn’t offer optimal support to our neck and head, you cannot enjoy uninterrupted sleep ate night. That’s why you should start using adjustable memory foam contour pillows. Check out how adjustable bed pillows can help in alleviating everyday issues like neck pain  along with improving our sleep quality.

How Memory Foam Pillows Contour Neck?

Contour memory foam pillow isn’t like any other pillow since it is designed ergonomically keeping in mind natural shape/curves of human head and neck. These pillows have a contour shape with hollow dip in the middle, replicating exact curve of your neck and upper spine. Due to their extensive adaptability to sleeper’s head/neck shape, memory foam contour pillows are considered best adjustable pillows for all types of sleepers including back, side or stomach sleepers . Whoever  is experiencing neck pain can benefit from them. Their adjustability helps in relieving neck pain as no matter which side you sleep or what sort of body type, you can easily adjust memory foam filling as per personal preferences. 

Are Traditional Pillows Bad For Neck?

Yes Indeed!

Instead of traditional pillows it is time for revolutionizing the way we sleep or even rest. It is a good idea to choose memory foam contoured pillows over traditional pillows for sleeping soundly without feeling any discomfort around shoulders, neck or head area after waking up. There’s science backed reason behind why traditional pillows are bad;  normal pillows are usually over-stuffed for making them fluffier.  This fluffiness may look appealing early on, however,  it cannot support our neck and head. Instead, it keeps them propped up, which misaligns their position with rest of our body. 

On the other hand, a memory foam adjustable bed pillow encourage ideal posture. It allows ergonomic alignment of spine by keeping head and neck in their perfect position so that you sleep soundly. Some traditional pillows elevate your head so much that it forms a 90-degrees angle, which can cause chronic neck or back pain. This issue never occurs with contour memory foam pillows as these are designed to mold their shape according to your neck and head shape/size

Moreover, traditional pillows get lumpy or may become thinner over time, causing more strain on your neck while offering inadequate support to sleeper’s spine. This is especially dangerous for side sleepers. Memory foam adjustable pillows do the exact opposite. These pillows ensure correct alignment of the neck and spine so you could sleep peacefully without tossing or turning because of wrong posture.

Adjustable Pillow vs Other Pillows:

While you might think that  an old pillow can serve the purpose of letting our head rest, in reality, it is generously contributing to all those upper body pains and aches  you experience soon after waking up. If you don’t change it now, this pain may transform into a bigger health concern sooner or later. 

That’s because, old-fashioned pillows aren’t designed ergonomically, therefore, these either offer excessively flat highly fluffy or less fluffier surface or stiffer surface, none of which is ergonomically sound. However, adjustable memory foam pillows contour your neck as well as help in alleviating headaches, muscle aches, neck pain, or allergies.

Unlike traditional down pillows, memory foam is made from a special type of material,  which reacts to human body’s pressure and temperature fluctuations by molding around natural shape of human neck, head, ears, shoulders or any other body part that comes into contact with an adjustable bed pillow.  Hence, regardless of which position you like to sleep in, high-quality memory foam contour pillow helps in enjoying better sleep quality every night.

Why Buy Contour Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain?

Memory foam contoured pillow is like godsend gift for neck muscles. Old-fashioned squishy pillows offer minimal support to hard-working neck muscles during the night whereas memory foam adjustable bed pillows offer much-needed support and cushioning to soothe the pains and aches apart from easing muscle strain. Therefore, you need to buy adjustable pillows, and only select the best memory foam contour pillow for a availing their benefits.

 Contoured memory foam pillow allows maximum room for our neck to rest on either its elevated side when sleeping sideways or on less elevated side when sleeping on our back, while our head rests in its  hollow dip, hence, maximum upper body support is ensured. Contour pillow memory foam is also called adjustable pillows because their height is adjustable. These pillows generally have two layers, so, for matching different body sizes or sleep style, a user simply needs to remove their middle layer.

Be Selective- Only Buy Best Contoured Memory Foam Pillows:

For those who cannot sleep well because of continuous neck pain, a contoured memory foam pillow is an excellent choice. Memory foam adjustable pillows are designed ergonomically using heat reactive insulator cushion that adapts to human head and neck curves creating just enough pressure required to sleep soundly. After waking up, when this pressure is released contour pillow memory foam returns to its original shape. 

But as much as pillow type, filling, height, or density matters for improved sleeping or reduced neck pain, selection of memory foam contour pillow brand also plays an integral role in ensuring comfortable, painless sleep. Royal Therapy is one such brand that every type of sleeper can confidently trust while ordering adjustable pillows. Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Neck Pillow is an option if you want to say bye to the issue of neck pain.


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