Buy Top Quality Calming Weighted Blankets from Royal Therapy

Buy Blankets Weighted to Hug you Back to Sleep:

Royal Therapy offers a revolutionary new way to rest peacefully and alleviate issues like stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness simply by wrapping yourself around our 100% cotton luxury weighted blankets with eco-friendly glass beads. 

Imagine the level of comfort, coziness, and relaxation you will feel in a blanket designed especially to fit your body instead of the bed. That’s how our weighted blanket works. 

At Royal Therapy, a vast range of sizes, colors, and weights for weighted blankets is available to meet your needs. Such as you can buy weighted king size blanket, queen size weight blanket, and weighted toddler blanket. 

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weight blankets are just like any other throw-sized blankets but instead of fiber, these are filled with weighted materials like glass beads. Their weighted filling offers your body the right amount of physical pressure to help you sleep quickly. 

Why Royal Therapy Weight Blankets are the Best?

  • Our premium-grade luxury weighted blankets are the best fit for the entire family. From kids to adults everyone can enjoy a safe and sound sleep experience with these calming weighted blankets. 
  • We have created an extensive range of weighted blankets for adults and kids offering the perfect contact and pressure your body needs to fall asleep. 
  • With the unique 7-layer design, Royal Therapy weighted blankets meet all your health and wellness needs.
  • These are lightweight weight blankets created with high-density, eco-friendly glass beads distributed evenly in tiny diamond-shaped compartments, covered in an extra layer of cotton fabric to regulate body temperature.
  • Our weighted blanket with glass beads adapts to your body needs and creates an ideal environment for you to sleep. 
  • These quickly transform into a weighted cooling blanket and warming blanket depending upon the weather conditions. 
  • You can buy weight blankets in varying sizes from 5 LBS to 30 LBS and choose between 12 different colors.
  • Our weighted blankets are one-of-a-kind because of their innovative design featuring loops around the edges, weighted insert with loops to ensure the blanket stays in its place, and layered design to allow maximum comfort.
  • The elegantly printed brand logo ‘R’ gives a luxurious feel.
  • We’ve used advanced stitching techniques to enhance the product’s durability and lifespan.
  • Each weighted blanket comes with a 5-year warranty and an exclusive 100-night free trial offer. So, if you are not satisfied, return the product within 100 days and get your money back

Royal Therapy Weighted Blankets Review;

Royal Therapy weighted blankets aren’t just body throws but premium-quality gifts for your body that create the same impact as a parent’s hug or cradle would do. 

Filled with high-density, lightweight glass beads, these are tranquility blankets designed especially to relieve stress and pain and allow peaceful sleep. Weighted blankets are odor-free, long-lasting, easy to wash, non-toxic, hygienically prepared, food-grade, and pet and kids-friendly products. 

To ensure optimal temperature regulation, our luxury weighted blankets contain 7-layers each containing breathable, lightweight, thin, and durable cotton fabric filled evenly with eco-friendly glass beads. These blankets quickly adapt to your body needs by offering warming and cooling effect.

These blankets stay around 10% of your body and are smaller than your bed size, so, you enjoy all stages of sleep without tossing or turning. Order weighted blankets today as these don’t slide off the bed and stay draped around the body, which makes them ideal to keep kids and elderly comfortably snuggled when it’s cold outside. 

Top Weighted Blanket Benefits:

Improved Sleep Quality:

Created according to the principles of Deep Pressure Stimulation/Deep Touch Pressure weighted cooling blanket can improve the quality of sleep. These blankets are ideal for adults, elderly, and kids alike as their deep pressure boosts melatonin and serotonin levels that help your body feel relaxed and secure throughout the night.

Stress Relief:

Do you know that you can use weighted blankets for anxiety treatment? Stress is a reality, and it can affect anyone. If you want to get rid of the negative effects of stress on your emotional, mental, and physical health, buy weighted blankets from Royal Therapy. Their deep touch pressure relieves stress, anxiety, and discomfort and you sleep soundly.

Easing Restless Leg Syndrome

The tingling or creeping sensations in your leg could be because of restless leg syndrome. The symptoms often worsen while sleeping and can cause sleep disorders like insomnia. Research suggests that weighted blankets can help to alleviate the problem by providing ideal weight on the legs and prevent them from moving.

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