Duvet Inserts

Duvet insert or duvet with insert is filled with down fibers or synthetic fibers. Insert for duvet is referred to as stuff that is inside. One can buy & style duvet inserts through changing covers & according to your mood & requirement.

Every duvet has different purpose. If duvet insert isn’t meant for winters, you will keep shivering all night & regret your buy. If insert isn’t meant for summers, then you will keep shifting & sweating in your bed as if AC is not working well.

Before one decides to buy a duvet insert, it is quite necessary to know what one should be looking for in ideal duvet insert & understanding terminologies that describe duvet insert. A duvet with insert is meant to be draped over our bed, covering us like a comforter.

Benefits of duvet inserts

  • Extra fiberfill in duvet inserts gives us a nice & toasty feel when one wraps it around oneself. They usually suffice in cold winters also. Duvet inserts are available in different weights to suit our environment.
  • Making your bed is easy because, with duvet insert, you don’t have to worry about extra top sheets & any blankets.
  • Duvets are a very convenient option if you have kids in house. In case there are spills or stains accidentally, then it is on the duvet insert cover & not duvet insert; therefore, it is easily washable.
  • Cleaning a duvet insert is simple, as you can remove duvet color & put it in washing machine. 
  • If one likes to change look of his/her bedroom & wants bedding to match, they don’t need to change duvet insert, as they can change duvet insert cover.

Types of duvet inserts

Duvet inserts are made of several types, & there are various duvet fillings to choose from. Hollow fiber, feather, & down are considered as two most popular options. One can also find other duvet types in microfiber, wool, & silk, but price varies accordingly.

  • Hollow fiber duvets

Hollow fiber duvet inserts are most popular as these are hard-wearing & affordable duvets. Hollow fiber is a synthetic material that is good for allergy, unlike feather duvets, hollow fiber duvets can be machine washed regularly, therefore, they are easy to maintain.

  • Feather & down duvets

These are second most popular option among customers. These are lightweight & cozy duvets that retain heat well & thus help us to avoid overheating. If one happens to care for properly, these can last much longer than synthetic fiber alternatives. 

  • Wool duvets

Wool is, no doubt, a less common choice of duvet filling. Its price is quite similar to feather & down. It is excellent at retaining warm air, thus keeping us warm when cold & also removes heat & moisture when we are warm. It is naturally hypoallergenic & is resistant to dust mites.

  • Silk duvets

Silk duvets are viewed as height of luxury, are naturally hypoallergenic & resistant to dust mites. These are ideal for eczema & asthma patients who order for cool duvet inserts. They will help us stay cool during summer & warm during winter.

  • Microfiber duvets

These are relatively recent addition to market, but shouldn’t be confused with hollow fibers. Microfibers are finer but don’t contain any hollow space. These are intended to be synthetic equivalent to wool, & extra-fine fibers give same feel.

Other features

  • Royal Therapy duvet inserts are of extremely high-quality materials. Therefore, whatever duvet insert type that one chooses or buy, one will love it & leave it all year round.
  • There are duvets of various sizes: cot bed, single, double, king duvet inserts, super king, & also full size duvet inserts. Therefore, if one tends to feel cold in the bed, one can go for next size up the mattress size to keep the warm air in.
  • The craftsmanship of our designs is of utmost importance in defining features of our duvets. Every product is embedded with representative “R”, that signifies Royal Therapy brand name & value.
  • We offer a trial period of 100 nights to all our trusted clients, whereby dissatisfaction with the product quality can result in a return or exchange policy. All these features are clear in defining importance of our clients to our brand & integrity.
  • 5-years warranty policy is additional to every purchase made, granting customers added option of return or repurchase.