Bruadair ADJUSTABLE BASE (Head Up, Foot Up, Wireless)




  • Maximize your comfort by choosing a sleep position that alleviates your body pains and minimizes snoring. A wireless remote will adjust your mattress to support you in a variety of upright positions that can help you in various activities, from working on a laptop to watching TV. You can also have the option to raise your feet above your heart in a zero-gravity position, giving you health benefits such as reduced soreness and increased blood circulation.
  • The Sync Cable allows for functionality on the independent side or both sides. This feature can be especially useful for solid King and Cal King mattresses.
  • Head up
  • Foot up
  • Flat
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Sync Cable

Stays cool all night

Our plant-based Bio-Pur® material keeps you cool all night. It features an open-cell design that allows more air to escape than traditional foam.

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