Royal Therapy Duvets

Hypoallergenic Wraps for All Seasons

It’s a wrong assumption that duvets are suitable for winters only. You can use lightweight duvet in all weathers. These are available in different weight options, sizes, colors, and fill types. Therefore, choosing the best duvet to buy is not an issue at all. Royal Therapy offers an incredibly vast range of duvets and duvet covers, so you can buy a duvet according to bed size or bedding.

What is Duvets?

Many users get confused between what’s duvet and comforter. People prefer to buy duvets instead of investing in heavier comforter as it usually comes in handy during winters only while duvet is used throughout the year.

Duvet is less bulky than comforters, so you can use it in all weather conditions. Duvet fabric fabric is sewn as a large bag that is filled with soft, fluffy materials like natural goose down, cotton, wool, or synthetic fiber. It acts as top bedding layer for bed to keep you warm during colder nights. 

When buying a duvet, do remember to purchase duvet cover, as it keeps it well-protected. Duvets are usually available in white color, however, at Royal Therapy, customers can select from wide range of duvet covers too.

Why Buy Duvet?

There are many reasons that make duvets buy a better option than comforters, such as duvets are:


Most important duvet buy benefit is that it is incredibly lightweight while providing adequate warmth. You can comfortably wrap yourself to enjoy uninterrupted sleep since it offers right amount of warmness, depending upon the outside temperatures.


You may order duvets in different sizes and weight options. You can easily purchase king-sized duvets or single, double size, according to desired weight as per your environment.

Easy to Clean: 

Wondering how to clean a duvet? It’s much simpler than cleaning that bulky comforter because duvets are washer/dryer safe. Even down-filled duvets are easy to wash using mild detergent since its inner fill is sewn properly to prevent them get misplaced when washed.


 In comparison to blankets or comforters, duvet prices are relatively lower. However, usually duvet price is determined by its filling. Still, even down filling duvets are cheaper than their heavier counterparts.

Aesthetic Appeal: 

Believe it or not, choosing duvets to buy can completely change your room’s appearance as duvets can give it a fabulous new look within minutes.


Making bed gets so easy every morning as there’s no need to worry about setting top sheets; spreading duvet is enough to create tidy look.

Royal Therapy- Best Place to Buy Duvets:

Feeling confused about where to buy a duvet?

Royal Therapy is the best place to buy a duvet because apart from many exclusive features, the company offers amazing customer service and prompt delivery. Our duvet prices are most reasonable in the industry whereas our products are superior in every way. Check out the features that make Royal Therapy Duvets unique from the rest, and you’ll surely won’t need to ask yourself- where can I buy a duvet?


We create duvets soft enough to give you smooth, soft feel when it touches your skin. Our king, double, and single duvets serve as ideal bedding options as these eliminate the need of top sheet. These retain softness even after frequent washing or drying.

Hypoallergenic Filling:

Royal Therapy offers best duvets to buy as these contain naturally hypoallergenic fill, which prevents accumulation of mold, dust mites, bacteria, or allergens. Since these are washer/dryer safe, cleaning them is relatively easy than other brands that strictly call for dry cleaning. You can conveniently wash them once or twice every month to keep them hygienic.

Solid Stitching:

From king sized duvets to double bed duvets and single sized duvets, every single product from Royal Therapy is created with higher thread count and feature tighter weave, which helps contain inner fill appropriately. The tighter weave indicates our duvet’s durability whereas weave and thread count balance is the key to smooth texture and softer duvet.

Besides top-notch craftsmanship, and superior stitching quality, the thread count and size of a single duvet, double, and king sized duvet from Royal Therapy is accurate, as we never provide misleading specifications.

Royal Therapy duvets feature strong seams that never fray or shrink while washing. Moreover, to ensure maximum user convenience, we attack buttons, snaps, or zippers at the closure. You’ll notice that these duvets never bunch up inside the duvet covers, because of our smart stitching design. The addition of Royal Therapy brand logo ‘R’ embroidered in gold over the duvet gives it a luxurious look while making it different from other duvets available in the market.

Breathable Filling:

Our lightweight duvets feature washable, hypoallergenic, and breathable cotton filling, which keeps you fresh during summers. Unlike other fillings, cotton is suitable choice in warmer months, while if you want to use duvets specifically in winters, choose to buy duvet for king, double, or single size with goose down filling. We make sure that down filling is ethically derived, thoroughly cleaned, and carefully tucked inside the duvet to ensure our down-filled duvets remain comfortable for all types of sleepers, even those who experience allergies.

Wide Range of Sizes:

You can trust us for accurate size of single duvet, double, and duvet king sized. Every single duvet size is 135 x 200cm (approx. 53″ x 78″), double sized duvet is around 200 x 200cm (78″ x 78″), and  king duvets size measure around 230 x 220cm (90″ x 86″). Single duvet size is suitable for mattresses of 90x190cm or 35″ x74.” A double duvet size fits mattresses of 135x190cm or 53″ x74,” and king duvet is perfect for mattresses measuring 150x200cm or 59″ x78.”

Brand Warranty:

From the time you order duvets king size, single, or double size to several years of continuous usage, we guarantee our product’s lasting durability. Each duvet comes with 5-year brand warranty, which is higher than other brands’ warranties. At Royal Therapy, customers are real winners for sure.