Royal Therapy Mattress Pads

Maximize Comfort to Enhance Sleep Quality

A mattress pad is an essential accessory to have as it can easily enhance the mattress’s comfort level and life by adding a super-soft, waterproof, and hypoallergenic protective layer. However, many aren’t aware of the many benefits of buying pads for mattresses. So, let’s check out why it is crucial to cover your mattress with a pad. 

Mattress Pads Benefits:

You can never go wrong with a pad for mattress, no matter which type of mattress you use. There are many different types of pads available from heat to cool pad for mattress, memory foam mattress pads, and waterproof pads. Some of their key benefits include: 

Extended Mattress Life:

While sleeping, our body sweats releases oils and sheds dead skin. A pad prevents your mattress from absorbing unnecessary moisture, which otherwise may allow mold to grow. The mattress pads cool the bed and repel liquid from seeping inside your mattress, along with preventing allergens or dust mites penetration. 

Improved Comfort:

If your mattress’s memory foam is damaged or spring mattress’s coils are prodding out of it, adding a mattress pad on memory foam or spring mattress will provide the necessary cushioning and support to help you enjoy comfortable sleep all night long.

Budget-friendly Alternative to Buying New Mattress:

Whether you opt for a cooling or heating mattress pad, it will be an affordable option than buying a new mattress. So, if you aren’t ready to make a big investment, buy memory foam mattresses pad and see the difference in your sleep experience.

Why is Royal Therapy Mattress Pads better than the Rest?

Royal Therapy is a name you can trust for all types of mattress pads. Our products are better because we offer maximum value to our customers. Some aspects that make Royal Therapy mattress pads best in the market are as follows:


Royal Therapy pioneers the art of constructing a mattress waterproof pad that doesn’t let germs, allergens, bacteria, or moisture settle inside the mattress. Hence, the sleeper never experiences discomfort, itching, or allergic reaction. 

Optimal Support:

Our memory form mattress pads are ideal for enhancing the comfort and supportiveness of sagging mattresses. These create correct body posture by aligning your spine, which alleviates back pain successfully. 

Multiple Cooling Layers:

Royal Therapy creates top-quality mattress cooling pads with innovative new multi-layer technique. We use breathable bamboo fabric to cover the gel foam along with moisture-resistant Joma wool fill to eliminate heat buildup and keep your body fresh in a warmer climate. 

CertiPUR-US certified:

Royal Therapy mattress pad contains CertiPUR-US certified foams. We care for your health and the environment, which is why we never use heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, chemical flame retardants, or ozone depleters. Moreover, we offer a 5-year brand warranty with each product with an exclusive 100-night money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. 

Elegantly Designed Mattress Pads:

Royal Therapy quilted pillow tops for mattresses pad feature aesthetically pleasing design with the company logo R embroidered in gold. Our mattress pads are constructed using advanced baffle-box stitching and offer four-way stretch skirt that can fit up to 22” deep mattresses easily. 

Custom Sizes:

We offer mattress pillow topper pad in custom sizes to meet your demands. You can order queen mattress pads or king, twin, and California King, as per your individual needs.

Royal Therapy Quilted Mattress Pads Range

Royal Therapy Mattress Pad for Cooling

Royal Therapy offers innovative new mattress pads that are cooling for the sleeper. Our mattress cooling pad is created with a unique 3D quilted design to ensure even distribution of filling. 

The super-soft mattress pad cooling contains 360-degree elastic to make it slip-proof, while the 100% pure cotton fabric covering keeps it breathable. Cooling mattress pads queen size fits most mattresses, but it is available in king size to match your mattress. 

Royal therapy Mattress Pad for Memory Foam

If you regularly feel pains and aches while sleeping or soon after waking up, buy mattress pad with memory foam to address them. Royal Therapy memory foam mattress pads contain a thick layer of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that cradles your body throughout the night to prevent muscle aches and pains. 

This also serves as a mattress cooling pad to ensure optimal temperature regulation at night. It is built from hypoallergenic fabric to suit those who get allergies. You can order mattress memory foam pad in queen or king size. 

Royal therapy Hypoallergenic Mattress Pads Waterproof

Royal Therapy mattress pad waterproof contains two jersey cotton layers encasing an ultra-thin, highly absorptive waterproofing barrier. A hypoallergenic Revolift fiber that feels like real down is used to create quilted effect. 

The waterproof layer design uses advanced liquid blocking technology that doesn’t affect the fabric’s breathability. Our waterproof pads for mattresses feature an innovative baffle-box stitching. These can effectively prevent allergens, moisture, and dust-mites while their full elastic perimeter and organic cotton covering allow maximum flexibility and comfort.

Royal therapy pillow mattress pads

As the name indicates, a pillow mattress pad is like a pillow-top  filled with alternative down fiber to offer superior comfort level. Royal Therapy pillow top pad for mattress is one of the plushiest pads out there that can fit up to 21” deep mattresses. 

Our mattress pillow pad is constructed with 100% organic, breathable cotton with 300 thread count and is washer/dryer safe. Pillowtop mattress pad is available in queen and king sizes. 

Royal Therapy Mattress Heating Pads

In cold winter nights, nothing can be as comforting as a heating pad for mattress. Royal Therapy presents the industry’s best heating pad mattress featuring an innovative dual-zone control and 5 ounces of fill for maximum comfort. 

This heat pad for mattress comes with a dedicated controller offering ten different heat settings, ThermoFine warming system for even distribution of heat, and 10-hourly auto-off function. Our heating mattress pads’ exterior cover is made of 140 thread count 100% polyester fabric and has vertical channels quilting.