Royal Therapy Pregnancy Pillows

For Comfortable Night-Long Sleep When You’re Expecting

While expecting, you need a lot of energy and a good night’s sleep to recharge your body for the next day. With a baby growing inside, it becomes impossible to enjoy a restful sleep without appropriate sleep gear. Apart from loose maternity clothing, you should invest in a pillow pregnancy

A pillow pregnancy for sleeping is ideal during second or third trimester for supporting growing belly size. Finding the right posture or position to sleep through the night becomes more comfortable with a pillow in pregnancy. So, let’s find out more about body pillows for pregnancy. 

Why You Need a Body Pillow in Pregnancy?

A body pillow in pregnancy will make it easier to achieve best sleep position. Due to constantly growing belly size, pregnant women have excessively limited sleep position options. Whether you are a back or stomach sleeper, during pregnancy, you’ll need to sleep sideways. 

For obvious reasons, stomach sleeping is not possible; whereas back sleeping isn’t suggested as it compresses a vital vein that transmits blood to the baby. Specially designed body pregnancy pillows allow women to achieve most relaxing posture to rest without any discomfort. Therefore, it is crucial to buy pillow pregnancy for sleeping peacefully. 

Which Pregnancy Pillow is the Best?

Choosing the best body pillows for pregnancy could be an issue if you aren’t sure what to look for. Certain factors should be considered before selecting a pillow for pregnancy women, including:

Pillow Pregnancy Size:

Best pillow pregnancy size depends upon your requirements or preferences. Several different pregnancy pillows are available, such as a pillow wedge pregnancy isn’t much bigger than a standard pillow, and perfect if you don’t want something too flashy or huge. A pregnancy U shape pillow offer full-body coverage from front and backside. C shape pregnancy pillow isn’t as big as a U shaped pregnancy pillow, but ensures similar support to belly and back areas. 

Sleep Pillow Pregnancy Shape:

Body pillows for pregnancy shape also depend on expecting mother’s priorities. You may order pregnancy sleep pillows in curved shape that tucks under your head and between the knees or get parallel running body pillow pregnancy, both are great options. Some pregnancy body pillows feature a dip for cradling baby bump. It is essential to identify body area where you experience most discomfort, and if you toss a lot, buy U-shaped body pregnancy pillow.

Why Buy Royal Therapy Pregnancy Pillows?

Royal Therapy offers top quality, and best pillows for pregnancy to ensure a good night’s sleep during and after pregnancy. Our well-designed, affordable body pregnancy pillows range offer superior health benefits no matter what position you prefer to sleep. Check out some key aspects that make our products best pregnancy body pillows in the market. 

Soft Filling with Breathable Cover:

Royal Therapy body pregnancy pillows are made with super-soft, breathable material to keep you cool and comfortable. Our pregnancy pillows contain highest quality polyfill, encased in 100% pure soft Pima cotton cover, allowing air to circulate easily, so you enjoy maximum comfort.

Unique Designing:

Our body pregnancy pillows are available in wide range of designs from C-shape and U-shape to Wedge. We design pregnancy pillow as per the expecting mother’s body shape. Our pillows are sizeable enough to support your head, neck, hips, legs, back, and belly appropriately. You can easily stretch out as every pregnancy pillow offers optimal support from both sides. Royal Therapy pregnancy sleep pillows feature excellent craftsmanship, containing our company logo R embroidered on the top. Amazing stitching quality makes these pillows machine washable and durable.

Maximum Body Support:

Royal Therapy designs the best pregnancy pillows that guarantee total body support in all trimesters and post-pregnancy nursing. Moreover, our sleeping pillows for pregnancy aren’t only suitable for pregnant ladies, but people experiencing gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, congestion, or carpal tunnel syndrome can also benefit. These are ideal sleep pregnancy pillows to support full-body.

Multi-Purpose Pillow in Pregnancy:

Our sleep pillow pregnancy can create a relaxing position not just when sleeping, but while nursing, reading, or watching TV, apart from offering better, painless sleep. 

Royal Therapy Sleeping Pillows Pregnancy Range

Royal Therapy C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow:

Our pregnancy pillow C shape wraps around your body to support upper and lower body, which helps in relieving knee and hip pain. C shaped pregnancy pillow best use is for those looking for full back coverage. It’s a versatile 2.5 feet wide, 57” long pillow that keeps you safely wrapped even when in seating position for breastfeeding, or reading, etc. Despite that this pillow pregnancy for sleeping isn’t symmetrical you may sleep with back facing either open or closed side, without needing to reposition it whenever you turn over.

Royal Therapy U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow:

Buy u shaped pillow for pregnancy if you want to enjoy full night’s sleep without any discomfort. Our U shaped pregnancy pillow offers incredible support to entire belly area. It’s an excellent U shape pillow pregnancy as it provides adequate all-around support. Its symmetrical design eliminates the need to reposition when switching sides, whether you are lounging or sleeping.  This pillow weighs around 7 pounds, and is about 55” long, while it is washer/dryer safe, and easy to clean.

Royal Therapy Wedge Pregnancy Pillow:

Sleeping with pregnancy pillow that doesn’t take up much space yet provides maximum comfort for a relaxed slumber is every expecting mom’s dream. Order wedge pillows for pregnancy if you want optimal supportiveness but in minimal space consumption. Our Wedge pillows pregnancy design is such that you may use it wherever support is required from bump to back or between the legs. It’s a compact (only one foot), and lightweight (less than one pound) sleep pregnancy pillow that’s easier to carry along when traveling.