Royal Therapy Sheet Sets

Luxurious Bedding For Comfortable Sleep Night After Night

It is a fact that we spend a third of our day between the sheets. It makes sense to select a set of sheets that we cannot wait to crawl into. Investing in quality bed linen is essential to enjoy a peaceful night long sleep. A low-quality bed sheet set will ruin your sleep experience no matter how great, or expensive the mattress is. There’s an old proverb that one must never spoil a great recipe by using cheap ingredients. Similarly, your bed deserves high-quality bedding set with sheets. Therefore, always buy full sheet sets from a reliable brand like Royal Therapy instead of purchasing lousy, crunchy, low-quality bed sheets.

Why Buy Bedding Sets With Sheets?

Bedding sets with sheets are a much more practical option than buying individual linen, especially if you want everything color coordinated in your room. Moreover, to buy bedding set that matches your bed size, opting for a full sized sheet set is a great solution. That’s because matched bed sheets sets make every room appear more attractive, organized, and neat. 

A full size sheet set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, which are essential items to give your bed the much-needed uplift. Believe it or not, full sheet sets will prove to be a fantastic addition to your bedding as it will eliminate the hassle of matching items individually every time you change the sheets. 

The best thing about bedding with sheet sets is that you get incredible variety in sizes and colors. From king size sheet set to queen size and even California King, there’s just the right size of bedding available to fit all mattresses’ types. Buying matched bedding for kids’ rooms is always a trouble, but choosing to purchase twin sheet sets will help you instantly give their room an organized look. 

Royal Therapy Sheet Sets Features:

100% Pure Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set:

Royal Therapy creates the most durable and reliable set of bed sheets made with 100% pure Egyptian and Pima cotton. Our sheet bed set fabric is exceptionally soft, color-fast, and comfortable because we only use premium quality extra-long staple (ELS), 400 thread count cotton. ELS cotton fibers are 50% longer than standard fibers, making each set of sheets from Royal Therapy ultra-luxurious, stain-resistant, wrinkle-free, and washer/dryer safe. 

400 Thread Count:

Thread count indicates the number of vertical/horizontal threads per square inch. Higher thread count produces a softer bed sheet, while lower thread count will create crisp or crunchy sheets. We provide 400 thread count sheets set made with original Egyptian cotton, which is the most exquisite combination to get in sheets bedding sets. Our bed sheet sets offer sheet comfort as their softness remains the same wash after wash.

Sateen Weave:

Apart from thread count, the weave is also a vital barometer of gauging any set of bed sheets’ quality. At Royal Therapy, we make sure to provide our customers the smoothest and softest finish, for which we only rely on sateen weave. Our full size king set sheets, queen bed sheet sets, and twin sheet sets; all feature the extraordinarily smooth sateen weave, which is the most luxurious weave pattern nowadays. It features diagonal, one-over & three-over weave pattern that results in super-soft and wrinkle-resistant fabric.  Moreover, sateen weave gives a sheet bed set a unique sheen and silky touch.

Variety of Sizes and Colors:

Our priority is to create full sized sheet sets because standard sizes may not accurately account for mattresses’ depth. If your mattress is tall or has a mattress topper added to it, you must measure it carefully to select the right bedding sheet set size. Royal Therapy sheets sets are available in three different sizes. You can order king bed sheet sets, and sheet sets queen, or twin sheet sets. Our fitted sheets can fit a mattress of up to 15″ depth. These are pre-shrunk sets that’s why despite frequent laundering, their size stays the same. Moreover, a wide range of colors is available in all sets of bed sheets to conveniently match them with your desired theme. 

Royal Therapy Bedding Sheet Sets

Pure Cotton Sheet Sets:

Royal Therapy pure Egyptian cotton sheet set for queen bed, king, and twin beds feature eye-catching color range and come at a very reasonable price. Our 400TC cotton sheet bedding sets are soft, breathable, durable, and wick away moisture, so you sleep like a baby.

Egyptian cotton is naturally soft, so this set of sheets will stay as smooth as a new sheet even after frequent washing and doesn’t shrink or pill easily. We create dedicated sizes so, you can order sheet set king size, queen, and twin size to match all kinds of mattresses. 

The pillowcases feature envelope closures to keep the pillow securely tucked inside instead of clumped, often with side openings. Another great feature of our cotton sheet bedding sets is that these are easy to clean and retain their sheen and luxurious touch for years.

Combed-Cotton Sheets

If you are looking to buy affordable sheet sets twin, king or queen size, Royal Therapy’s 400TC combed cotton bed sheets are ideal. Our combed cotton sheet sets are available in a wide range of colors. The sheets and pillowcases are made using long-staple combed cotton, just as soft and lightweight as Egyptian cotton. It is the best sheets bedding sets for hot sleepers as it has excellent breathability. This is a durable material, so you can confidently order sheets sets king size or queen size depending upon your bed size. The fitted sheet has sufficient pocket depth to fit almost all kinds of mattresses. Moreover, our combed cotton sheets bedding set features a gorgeous sateen finish and made without using chemicals during production. 

Organic Sateen Sheets

As its name suggests, Royal Therapy’s organic sateen set of sheets is untreated by any chemical type and provides a softer, natural feel. Available in twin, queen, and kingsize sheet sets, these sheets are made of 100% pure organic cotton. You’ll find them the most luxurious set of bed sheets out of all fitted sheet sets available in the market. 

Our organic cotton full sized sheet sets feature 400TC sateen weave, which gives them extra-soft, silky look with enhanced durability. The package includes a flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases with an envelope closure. The fitted sheet can fit a mattress of up to 15″ to 16″ depth while the sets are available in full suites of sizes and colors.