Royal Therapy Silky Soft 400TC Pillowcases

Say Hello to Beauty Sleep

Whether sideways or back, you spend at least eight hours resting your head on a pillow. Your skin and hair keep touching it throughout the night, so it is essential to invest in quality pillowcases. A pure cotton pillowcase can help you get restful sleep and wake up with glowing skin and smooth hair. 

How is it possible? 

When our face is pressed up against a pillow for hours every night, excessive friction created by our tossing or turning causes wrinkles and bedhead, affecting our overall appearance. Investing in the best cotton pillowcases apart from buying a good quality pillow can help to prevent it. 

Why Buy Cotton Pillowcases from Royal Therapy?

Royal Therapy pillowcases offer plenty of health benefits apart from helping you sleep peacefully. Check out what makes our affordable personalized pillowcase range better than the rest.


We use smoothest Egyptian cotton fibers to ensure that the texture isn’t coarse. Coarse fabric made from low-quality cotton or synthetic materials can create skin creases, or cause hair tangling, fizziness.  Royal Therapy’s pillowcases cotton range never causes mechanical irritation, allowing you to sleep peacefully. 

Ideal for Hair 

Cotton pillowcase hair benefits are already tested and proven. The silky soft texture of organic cotton prevents hair moisture loss. Silky cotton pillowcases are incredibly soft to touch and have a smoother finish, so there’s no friction. Moreover, cotton’s moisture-wicking property makes it essential to buy cotton pillowcases for hair. As our hair release moisture throughout the night, cotton fabric absorbs it but still stays dry. This helps in preserving blow dry and braids longer.  


Royal Therapy cooling pillowcase cotton has hypoallergenic properties, which makes it naturally resistant to mold, dust mites, or fungus. Additionally, we create customized cotton pillowcases that doesn’t pick up pore-clogging bacteria like other, ordinary materials, leading to a rejuvenating sleep.


It’s not just our lifestyle or diet that affects our skin; the pillowcase’s fabric quality also plays a vital role. When we toss and turn at night, or sleep sideways, it crunches skin against the pillowcase and breaks down elastic tissue and collagen, prompting wrinkles/fine lines. 

Most dermatologists agree that soft cotton pillowcase retains skin’s natural moisture while making it supple and soft. Egyptian cotton has super-soft, smooth texture, which prevents creases formation that causes facial wrinkles/fine lines.  Royal Therapy pillowcases are excellent as a pillow protector and reduce this crunching/creasing effect. Use them to delay signs of aging.

Royal Therapy Pillowcases Features:

High-Grade Material:

Whether king or standard pillowcase size, Royal Therapy products feature 400 thread count weaves. Therefore, our products are as durable as hotel bedding. We use 100% Egyptian long-staple (ELS) cotton fiber yarns to create pillowcases that last a lifetime. These are fade-resistant, luxurious, and durable pillow protectors. Available in 100% pure, high-grade Egyptian satin-silk cotton material, our pillowcases get softer with every wash, while issues like shrinkage, tearing, or pilling doesn’t occur.

Ultra-Lustrous Sateen Weave:

Our luxurious pillowcases cotton feature 400 threads per inch, which gives them a distinct lustrous sheen, durability, and softness. We use the purest Egyptian cotton-silk and smoothest sateen weave with long, uniform fibers. The thread is densely woven, so our pillowcases remain soft and silky.

Cooling Effect:

Our cool pillowcases are made using 100% pure, long-staple, Egyptian cotton to allow rejuvenating sleep. Organic cotton has natural cooling and moisture-wicking capabilities that generate a heightened cooling sensation while sleeping, making our pillowcases ideal for those who prefer colder sleep climate.

Responsible Stitching:

With accurate thread count and size of a standard pillowcase (51 cm x66 cm), we create products that perfectly fit different pillows. We never use harmful chemicals or pollutive substances. While processing, we remove shorter fibers to keep long-staple cotton fibers, which ensure sturdier pillowcases. Moreover, we offer pillowcase personalized in an enveloped closure end design for preventing slips or piling. 

Versatile Sizes and Washer/Dryer Safe:

Royal Therapy pillow protector range is available in pillowcase standard size and king size. You may buy round pillowcase or with patterns to suit your needs. Our pillowcases fit pillows like a glove. You can also order customized pillowcase, such as for toddlers or travel-size pillows, just send us your desired measurements. Royal Therapy pillowcases are pre-shrunk, and washer/dryer safe as well. 

Different Types of Royal Therapy Silk Pillowcases:

Hypoallergenic Cotton Pillowcase:

If you want abrasion-resistant, shrink-proof, and wrinkle-free covers, order cotton pillowcases from Royal Therapy. These super comfortable pillowcases regulate body temperature to keep you fresh. 

Moreover, our hypoallergenic pillows cotton prevents the development of mold/bacteria, and helps skin retain moisture. We offer standard and king sized pillowcases made with 100% pure material and unique zip-closure.

Sateen Pillowcase:

Royal Therapy satin pillowcases are made with 100% pure Egyptian cotton and have a unique luster because of the sateen weave. It is stain-resistant and equally beneficial for hair/skin. Our sateen covers are available in standard and king pillowcase size in a wide range of colors. 

Sateen weave gives our pillowcases a super-soft texture, so hair glides over it, while there’s no friction, so you’re less likely to have bedhead, tangles or frizz after waking up.  

Pillowcase with Photo:

Royal Therapy produces pillowcases personalized according to your requirements. A pillowcase with photo is an ideal gift option, as it adds character and personal touch to it. 

Order kingsize pillowcase or standard size, and select pillowcase photos to get most unique pillow protector.

Pattern Pillowcase:

If you want pillowcases customized to your individual needs, order pattern pillowcases today. Each pattern pillowcase is designed exclusively using highest quality cotton and feature a hidden zipper to ensure maximum safety. 

You can buy king sized cotton pillowcases with patterns or standard-sized in a wide range of fun prints from florals to geometric designs.