Hotel Pillows

Hotel pillows offer great comfort and are only found in hotels. With soft fabrics, hotel pillows give you an unforgettable experience that you will long for and want to recreate yourself. For this reason, hotel pillows have become hot items in sales with the sleep health industry. The only issue that stands is when companies fail at recreating good hotel pillows. Some of them are tough, hot, and uncomfortable pillows. Therefore, knowing what soft comfortable hotel pillow to purchase becomes imminently important. Hotel pillow types differ in size, fabric, softness, and even comfort. Find out more about what hotel pillow to purchase without getting ripped off. 

Hotel pillow benefits: 

Everyone probably felt hotel pillows have something pillows in regular beds don’t have and that’s the secret for the most part, composition of the hotel pillow is much superior to other pillows. Benefits of hotel pillows don’t just stop at the softness level. The benefits extend even further such as neck health and allergy prevention.

  • Softness: A third of anyone’s life is spent sleeping, yet people continue to sleep using tough hard pillows which ruin their necks. Soft hotel pillows gives the user more comfort, therefore, better effective quality sleep. Hotel luxury pillows give more comfort since fabric consists of different materials than regular pillows. 
  • Better sleep: Buying comfortable hotel luxury pillows helps achieve better sleep since pillows do not fight the natural neck state. Neck bones are not straight, they have ridges with curves. Hard pillows cause the neck area to change its shape which causes pain in the long term, this is partly what gives you that pain in the neck when turning. Plus, tough pillows can cause bad breathing during sleep. 
  • Less allergy: Dust allergies are yet another reason people go for hotel style pillow. Tough pillows usually hold dust, allergens with microbes longer which causes pillows to become hotspots for allergies. Soft flush hotel style pillows are better since they contain more air space causing pillow to become more hollow with less density. 

Hotel pillow different types:

Hotel comfort pillows are not all created equal. Hotel pillows have many types containing different benefits. 

  • Goose or Duck Down Pillows: Goose or Duck Down Pillows are common thanks to their convenience. Moreover, Goose or Duck Down Pillows contain more feathers from goose or duck down. 
  • Hybrid Hotel-style pillows: These pillows contain different aspects of each pillow type making it enjoyable an effective soft hotel pillow. It has lots of different components such as cotton, goose feathers, down blend, with other highly soft materials. 
  • Down Alternative Pillows: Down Alternative Pillows ought to be the top choice regarding feeling and comfort during sleep. These down alternative soft pillows provide similar feel. Down alternative pillows combine almost all excellent aspects pulling from other types. It’s perfect if your choice is to have a pillow that lasts longer. Furthermore, down alternative pillows hold hypoallergenic qualities. Perhaps the best reason to get down alternative hotel style pillows is the microfiber filling. 

Soft hotel pillow top choice: 

Often companies imitate others in look, however, Royal Therapy remains the best pillow manufacturer. Clients who buy Royal Therapy hotel pillows get to enjoy the perfect craftsmanship that’s unmatched. Moreover, Royal Therapy products bring beautiful embroidered letter R signifying Royalty. Here at Royal Therapy, we are confident our products satisfy all customers that we offer 5-year warranty coming with every purchase made. Plus, clients enjoy 100 days free trial until they are satisfied. Royal Therapy soft hotel pillows come in different sizes for any type of bed. We purposely chose the down alternative pillow as our choice of pillow because it’s provides a better feeling, more comfort, and allergy prevention qualities. If your goals is to have an all-around comfortable and healthy pillow, our down alternative Royal Therapy hotel pillows are the way to go.