Royal Therapy Down Alternative Comforters

Hypoallergenic Wraps for Restorative Sleep

Wrapping yourself in a quality down alternative comforter gives you the same feeling as if you have enveloped yourself in a plush cloud. Down alternate comforters is an ideal alternative to down comforter if you want something not too warm and suitable for all weather conditions.

Down Alternative Comforter Vs. Down Comforters:

As the name indicates, down comforters contain natural down fill found on geese and ducks whereas down alternate comforter contains synthetic fill such as polyester, rayon, or natural materials like cotton. 

When it comes to warmth and comfort, comforters down alternative aren’t much different than down comforters as these mimic similar insulating properties as one gets from natural down. 

An extensive range of fabrics can be used for constructing alternate comforters down for exterior cover including, natural and synthetic blends.  So, you can choose between polyester, Tencel, and fleece or different types of cotton material. In down comforters such a broad selection of fabrics is impossible.

Is Comforter Down Alternative Best Option for Those with Allergies?

Many people are allergic to feathers, which makes using down comforters unsafe for them. Comforter down alternative is hypoallergenic; therefore, it is a safer and better option for people allergic to natural down. Because of their synthetic fiberfill, there isn’t any risk of dust mites or allergens getting trapped within the inner layer. 

Alternative down comforter target the accumulation of allergens more effectively than down comforters because their outer cover is made of down-proof fabric, which prevents allergy triggers. 

Moreover, comforter alternative down covering is skin-friendly. Hence, skin irritation or itching never occurs, so you sleep soundly through the night. 

Royal Therapy Down Alternative Comforters Benefits:

Royal Therapy offers fabulous down comforter alternatives. Our alternate down comforters benefits are virtually endless. It’s animal-free, washer/dryer safe, hypoallergenic, inexpensive, lightweight, versatile, and easier to maintain than down comforters. Hence, you can confidently invest in an alternate down comforter from Royal therapy.

Check out some Royal Therapy alternate down comforter benefits.

Feathery Light:

Royal Therapy cotton down alternative comforters contains ultra-light polyfill encased in microfiber shell with a breathable, organic cotton exterior layer. Polyfill gives these comforters a feathery light fluff. 


Royal Therapy comforters down alternative can withstand seasonal fluctuations, so there’s no need to pack them away during summers. This breathable, adequately warm, and light bedding keeps you cozy all year long. Also, you can use it as a comforter or a duvet insert.

Innovative Designing:

Royal Therapy comforter alternative down suits all kinds of sleepers, even those who suffer from allergies. You can also buy down alternative comforter twin size, king, queen, California king, and oversized comforters. These are available in extensive color ranges to suit every type of interior theme and décor. 

Elegant Craftsmanship:

Royal Therapy comforters are trendy and beautifully designed. With their innovative new baffle-box construction, double-needle stitching, and quality fill and covers, these all-season comforters last a lifetime.  Each comforter reflects Royal Therapy’s trademark designing opulence with the company logo R embroidered in gold hues. 

Exclusive Brand Warranty:

You can confidently order alternative down comforter from Royal Therapy and avail a 5-year warranty besides an exclusive 100-night free trial offer. So, if you aren’t satisfied, claim for a refund within 100 days. 

Low Maintenance:

Comforters down alternative are much easier to clean than down comforters. These hypoallergenic comforters never clump or flatten despite regular washing or drying.

Temperature Regulation:

Royal Therapy comforters’ advanced thermoball technology makes them highly insulating to create ideal conditions for you to sleep. This alternative down comforters can regulate body temperature by wicking away moisture along with delivering sufficient warmth. 

Royal Therapy Down Alternative Comforters Range

Royal Therapy Down Alternative Lightweight Comforter

This amazingly lightweight product features Royal Therapy’s unique baffle box design, which means the fill is stitched within tiny fabric compartments that prevent it from moving. The interior contains a shaved microfiber fill that creates a similar feeling as real, natural down. Its 300 thread count cotton cover keeps comforter breathable and skin-friendly.  You can either order down alternative oversized king comforter or buy in twin, King, or queen size to fit different beds. 

Royal Therapy Down Alternative Comforters California King:

For that ultra-soft, pillow-like feel, buy down alternative oversized comforter. This extra-large comforter is perfect for large-sized bed. It features 300 thread count polyester/lyocell cover, partially recycled filling inserted in clusters but within a web of fibers and unique no-box construction with minimal triangular stitching that prevent layers from getting too compressed. 

Royal Therapy Reversible Down-Alternative Comforter

Sleep stylishly in Royal Therapy’s reversible comforter. This down alternative comforter lightweight micro-down fiberfill is perfect for every season, while its many color options ensure that it adds elegance to your bedroom. 

You can buy king alternative down comforter for larger beds or choose down alternative comforter queen or twin size for different bed sizes. This product is 100% hypoallergenic made using fine-combed microfiber yarns and constructed with end-to-end baffle-box stitching to prevent fiber misplacement. 

Royal Therapy All Seasons Down Alternative White Comforter

This king size down alternative comforter has a cloud-like soft texture; its versatile white shell makes any room appear bright while its wrinkle-resistant soft microfiber cover ensures maximum breathability and comfort.  It contains lofty alternative fill made of ultra-thin fibers woven into durable, hypoallergenic polyfill ensures optimal air circulation. 

Royal Therapy white comforter keeps you adequately warm during winters but remains remarkably cool during summers. It is also available in queen, twin, and California King size.