Royal Therapy Sheets & Pillowcases

Royal Therapy Sheets & Pillowcases

Quality Bedding for Peaceful Sleep All Year Long

A good night’s sleep is essential to make your mornings energetic and refreshing. A quality bed sheet and pillowcase can enhance sleep experience by improving quality of our sleep. As we sleep on comfortable bedding sheets and pillowcases, our bodies stay relaxed throughout the night. Low-quality, wrinkled, or thicker sheets will keep you tossing and turning in the bed, leading to disturbed sleep. So, you must never compromise on bedding sheets’ quality at all.

But, how to determine quality and durability of pillowcase and sheet sets?

Don’t Worry! Read on till the end to understand how to select quality bed sheets with pillowcases. 

How to Choose the Best bed sheet and pillowcase?

Mostly we look at the pillowcase and sheet set price when buying beddings, which is a wrong approach. Price is an important consideration; however, it is essential to consider various other factors before choosing pillowcases and sheets

Here are some aspects to check out when buying bed sheets with pillowcases.


Usually, pillowcase and sheet sets come in single, double, queen, and king size. So, these are your key options when buying bed sheet sets. However, do carefully measure your mattress or bed size before selecting bedding because for a taller or shallower mattress, you’ll require deeper fitted sheet pockets. Measure mattress height to determine what depth will be suitable for your bed.


Aesthetics do play a significant role in selecting quality pillowcases and sheet set. Ideally, subtle colors complement all kinds of interior themes or décor. White sheet and pillowcases make the room appear bigger, whereas too bright colors can be distracting. Avoid chemically dyed sheets, and go for natural-colored products.

Thread Count

Thread count informs about the number of yarn strands or threads used to stitch a bed sheet and pillowcases. It is calculated by examining a 1″ square portion of sheet’s fabric and counting the strands both crosswise and lengthwise. Look for 300 or higher thread count, while 400 thread count is considered ideal in most fitted sheet and pillowcase sets.

Type of Weave

Whether you buy silk sheets and pillowcases or cotton sheets, weave is a crucial factor to consider. Two main types of weave are percale, and sateen. 

Percale sheets feature a relatively tighter horizontal and vertical weave pattern and tend to offer smooth, crisp finish like a dress shirt. These are suitable for hotter climates as they are light and breathable.

Sateen sheets have a more extended, lateral weaving pattern; satin sheets and pillowcases are created through mercerization to create their satiny, glossy, and silky texture. These are naturally wrinkle-free, slightly heavier sheets, which makes them appropriate for colder seasons.

Sets or Individual Sheets?

Usually, a bed sheet set contains a top sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcases, which are ideal for protecting your mattress comprehensively. However, you may opt for personalized sheets and pillowcases too depending upon the brand and options.

Why Buy Royal Therapy Sheets and Pillowcases?

To buy beautiful sheets and pillowcases that are durable yet affordable, Royal Therapy is your best bet. Check out some key features that make Royal Therapy bed sheets and pillowcases different from the rest.

Quality Egyptian Cotton:

Our bed sheet and pillowcase range is manufactured using 100% pure, softest, and smoothest Egyptian cotton that will surely give you that wiggly feel. We carefully hand-pick Egyptian cotton and keep its fibers clean and straight without making it undergo excessive dyeing or processing. That’s why our bedding sheets feature long-staple fibers, which make them ultra-silky.

Breathable Texture:

Royal Therapy pillowcases and sheets remain breathable throughout the year, even in warmer weather, so you never feel clamminess or dampness after climbing into bed soon after bathing. Our 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases can wick away moisture naturally to keep skin dry, which results in superior sleep quality.

Ideal for Preventing Allergies:

We only use natural fibers to make our sheets and pillowcase sets. Egyptian cotton is safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Our all-natural sheet and pillowcases are incredibly soft, with a silk-like sheen and texture while not being as irritating as synthetic materials. Our sheet and pillowcase sets‘ unique quality is that with regular use, these get softer, while other materials get stiff or crunchy.

Wrinkle-Free Finish:

We guarantee that our soft as silk sheets and pillowcases will remain wrinkle-free and won’t require ironing even after regular washing or drying. With just the perfect weight, Royal Therapy bedding is cozy enough to keep you comfortable all around the year.


Typically, Egyptian cotton sheets are available in plain white. However, we have designed an utterly beautiful range of monogrammed sheets and pillowcases featuring company logo R and exquisite embroidery. Now you can buy personalized sheets and pillowcases made with pure Egyptian cotton with intricate design details and extended color palette from neutral hues to darker tones like black and softer shades like lemon sheets and pillowcases.

Variety of Sizes and Colors:

We offer just the perfect bedding sheet set to fit your mattress from king to queen size sheets and pillowcases. Our fitted sheet and pillowcases fit 15″ thick mattresses, without slipping or sliding when you are asleep. We also offer embroidered sheets and pillowcases with extended personalization options as you can customize the bedding set as per your requirements.

Outstanding Weave:

Royal Therapy bedding sheets are known for their outstanding 400 thread count weave. We use long fibers while weaving our sheets, which result in noticeably softer sheets compared to other brands. Using long-staple cotton prevents pilling and doesn’t attract lint.

Royal Therapy Bedding Sheet and Pillowcases Range

Royal Therapy White & Black Sheets and Pillowcases:

Royal Therapy presents ultra-luxurious, highly breathable Egyptian cotton bed sheet and pillowcases in white and black. These are made with extra-long-staple 100% original cotton imported exclusively from Egypt. Our bed sheet and pillowcases soften with regular use, and tend to resist stains more effectively than synthetic materials. It is guaranteed that our black sheets and pillowcases will never fade despite frequent washing, while the white sheets and pillowcases won’t turn yellow. Each set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow covers available in single, queen, and king size sheets and pillowcases.

Royal Therapy Satin Sheets and Pillowcases:

Available in a wide range of colors from black to lemon, and in single, king, and queen size, Royal Therapy’s silk pillowcases and sheets last a lifetime. Featuring a sateen weave and a relaxingly heavy feel that many other brands fail to achieve, our satin sheet and pillowcases sets are ideal for personal use. Our silk sheets and pillowcases have a cloud-like soft feel because we weave long-fiber cotton into single-ply yarn to get the most delicate and finest thread. Our satin sheets’ true finished thread count is 400 while these are fully wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, and washer/dryer safe. The fitted sheet is suitable for mattresses of up to 15″ thickness.

Royal Therapy Embroidered Sheets and Pillowcases:

If you want bedding sheet set with a distinct character, order monogram sheets and pillowcases from Royal Therapy. Featuring a sateen weave with two-toned bands of stitching on a 6″ hem, our embroidered sheets and pillowcases are a thing of beauty. You can choose between lemon, black, white, navy, and grey colors, and even mix or match the bedding set as per your requirements. These are highly soft, durable, and color-fast silk sheets and pillowcases that stay as fresh as a new sheet despite frequent washing.